1000 days on, innumerable things learnt…

On New Year’s Eve 2013 I declared that I had made a resolution, and as I write, I am partially fulfilling it. My literary skills in the written form have, for years, been laid dormant. At university I thrived on my ability to write interesting and concise content. I blogged when I left, but life and work pushed my nimble fingertips aside and so sadly, I ceased to type. This is why my resolution for 2014 is to begin a new blog. What I am to focus on I am unsure, but hopefully as I juice my creative citrus fruit of a brain I may publish something of worth.

Having moved to London over 3 years ago, I feel only now that the city is for me. Gladly, I accepted the challenge to get stuck into the nitty gritty of London life and sold my soul to South West Trains. In doing so, I humbly accepted delays and signal failures, but equally was happy to transport myself into the abyss that never sleeps. What kept me sane though, was knowing that God was with me, every day. After all, I met the big man before moving to the city, so felt it was an adventure into God as well the place I was set to dwell.

Over 1000 days on, It’s still a wonderful thing, knowing the guy who made the world; I can’t imagine a smarter, more interesting being than he. As I commute to work he encourages me, and as I carry myself home each night he comforts me. He councils me when my wardrobe is ‘bare’ and soothes me to sleep at night. A best mate? One could not compare.

It takes work growing a friendship though, plain sailing never produced loyal shipmates, and he knows that.

I think one of the things I’ve learnt thus far on my London adventure is that God likes me to be real. Some of my closest friends will agree that I’m good at being honest. To those whom I trust I am pretty much exactly myself; I am how I was created. These friends I can relate to, and as we know each other better, we better communicate. It is the same with God, well, somewhat at least.

I know there have been times when not knowing a character trait of God has caused me to fail, burn out, trip up, worry needlessly, the list goes on! But, each time I go through a hard time, miss the last train home, find myself homeless, needy of pennies, I am never disappointed by what I learn about my heavenly father. If that plain sailing ship was happily sat on autopilot without an iceberg in sight, I’d argue that the sailors would get bored, feel unstimulated and be left frustrated. The captain and his trustee workers would find no need to communicate: friendships would become shallow & fragmented.

What London, work, church and life have taught me is that with trials, are borne meaningful relationships, trust, and respect. I’ve had my share over the last few years and through them I’ve made, and deepened, some pretty great friendships. I’m blessed to know some rather genuine, eccentric, generous, gentle, sensitive, loyal and down right hilarious people, and what’s best is…I know the one who created them all!

A fumble through a first blog, a generous helping of grammatical errors and hopefully an insight into why I can be (or attempt to be) content in whatever situation. I know the God who strengthens me.