As for me, I am poor and needy

I am poor and needy,
To me it did occur
I’m not at all a master
just another human ‘her’


I often face a quandry
I fail to run on time
I’m injured from my gym exploits
although I’m in my ‘prime’


I worry out of caution
I interrupt your speech
My listening ear is infantile
I judge but want to preach


Now, upon this revelation
it did not strike me down
in fact it raised my spirits
and lifted up my frown


For when I’m poor and needy,
the Lord takes thought for me
He did the same some years ago
when dying on a tree


And as I look to Jesus
I’m no longer without hope
His grace is all sufficient
his mercy beyond scope


See, all he ever wanted
was for me to know his name
to save my weary mind and soul
and release me from my shame


In turn I give him glory
when myself I’m in the rain
so I can know contentment
through suffering and pain


The Lord is my true source of joy
He overflows my cup
on finding this great treasure
my heart is lifted up!


My eyes are on him daily
he is my faithful friend
I’ve seen enough of his great work
to run until the end


So even through my weakness
my inability
I can do all things through him
who kindly strengthens me